A jewelry guide that will help you keep your jewelry beautiful and shiny for a lifetime!




*   It is important to apply our beauty products (make up, perfumes, lotions, creams) first and then wear our jewellery.

*   Do not wear jewellery in the bathroom and in a chlorine pool. Contact with seawater also damages the jewellery and may shorten its lifespan.

*   Before our visit to the gym or other sports activity we take off the jewellery we wear.The acidic PH of sweat deteriorates the shine of plated and silver jewellery.

*   Housework and contact with any kind of cleaning products should be done after we have removed our favorite rings.

*   Finally, before bedtime it is important to take off your jewellery to avoid pulling the chains and breaking them.


 A general rule of thumb that we should always keep in mind is that jewellery is the last thing we wear before we leave the house
and the first thing we take off when we enter it.


 Cleaning and storage


It is advisable to clean your jewellery with a soft clean cloth or with the special cloth that you can buy from our jewellery shop, in order to remove any oils and sweat. Better still, wash them with lukewarm water
and a little soap, and don't forget to dry them thoroughly before storing them.

We always store them in the packaging we bought them in or in our soft jewellery case, so that they do not come into contact with air and dust. Also plastic zip bags are a good storage solution since they are airtight.


Extra tip: Always keep your jewellery separately, so that it doesn't get scratched and to avoid small bumps between them. Long necklaces and thin chains don't forget to store them buttoned up
and always away from each other so they don't get tangled.



 Additional Advice


*   For the proper maintenance of your white gold jewelry and especially the rings that wear out the most, we recommend every two years to give them for polishing - freshening
      or plating to avoid losing their shine.

*   We make sure all of our precious jewelry is cleaned and inspected once a year by a professional you trust for any wear and deterioration.

*   Particular attention should be paid to jewelry that is strung with thread such as pearls. Over time, the thread wears out and therefore every two to three years should be changed.
      Your jeweller will make sure to tie it from the beginning with new knots so that there is no risk of it being cut and lost.

*   Silver has the property of oxidizing, which causes it to tarnish. This natural behavior of the metal is due to contact with the atmosphere and is fortunately correctable.
      To restore it, the specialist will restore it to its original state.

*   It is advisable not to forget about plated jewellery, which also needs our care. Gold plating or plating is a thin layer of gold or platinum over silver or brass. Over time the plating wears off.
      In no way can we avoid this wear, only slow it down. That is why at frequent intervals it is advisable to renew the plating of our beloved jewellery.

*   Alevizou jewellery shop has a fully equipped workshop, technical training and professional experience, thus ensuring that your jewellery is cared for and fully inspected. 


ATTENTION: We do not guarantee that the gold-plated jewellery will not suffer any deterioration over time. Gold-plated jewelry is, by definition, more delicate.
The speed at which you will see their color fade depends on your sweat levels and even the PH of your skin.


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