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How to find the right size for your ring?


The most reliable way is to contact a professional goldsmith who has special tools, but if you are still unable to do so, then consult the instructions below.
It is advisable to consider the following before any measurement:

*   Every finger is different, so always measure the finger for which the jewellery is intended.
*   The size changes depending on the time of day and weather conditions. So we repeat the measurement two to three more times for greater accuracy.
*   Also something to consider is our joints. So the ring should fit relatively snugly on the finger, passing easily through the joint. For fingers with large joints
      it is advisable to measure the size of the joint as well as the base of the finger and choose a size that is in between the two measurements.


1st way of measurement

Measure the inner diameter of a ring you already have and it fits you properly. Make sure your measurement is taken at the center of the ring circle as shown in the picture below. Place your ring on a ruler or tape measure and measure the net inside diameter in millimeters (mm). Then refer to the table below to find the ring size that corresponds to your measurement.




2nd way of measurement

*   Wrap your finger with a thread or tape measure to create a complete circle around it.

*   Use a pencil to mark on the tape measure or thread where the full circle is made.

*   Open the tape measure or thread and measure the length of the thread in millimetres (mm) with a ruler.

*   Write down your measurement and refer to the table below to find the size of the ring that corresponds to your finger.





Alevizou Jewellery Bracelets

To find the ideal size for your bracelet you can follow this procedure:



Wrap a tape measure around your wrist (as in the figure above), just below the wrist bone.
Pull the tape measure just enough so that it fits snugly, but not too tight.
This is the size of your wrist.


Extra Tip: Increase your wrist measurement according to the application you wish the jewellery to have.

*   For a tight fit, add 0.6 to 1.3 cm (cm).

*   For a comfortable fit add 1.9 to 2.5 centimetres (cm).

*   For a loose fit add 2.5 to 3.2 cm.



 Alevizou Jewellery Necklaces

How to find the right size for your necklace.




The necklaces made by Alevizou Jewellery are made in various lengths and vary depending on the design.
It is advisable before making your final decision, to measure a necklace you already have whose length suits you.
Otherwise you can decide where you want your jewellery to stand, according to the picture above.




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