ALEVIZOU JEWELLERY has been active in the field of jewellery since 1975, when its founder Vassilios Alevisos, using
knowledge and experience gained in large silversmithing workshops of the time, opened the shop in the district of
Agios Eleftherios district with the activity of trading, manufacturing and repairing jewellery.

Since then, we have been offering our products and services for 47 consecutive years in the same place. The satisfaction of our customers
and quality assurance kept us active in the so-called good and difficult times.

As the second generation, having grown up in the jewellery business and considering it as our natural place, we wanted to continue the tradition, to
enrich it with our knowledge and adapt it to the needs of our time.

The internationalization of the market and the new technological means made our products known in the markets of Europe and America, ensuring us
a new audience that soon responded positively.

Our work focuses on the design and trade of jewellery made of gold, silver and other metals that are user-friendly and durable.
The marriage of old and new techniques and designs is a challenge for us in the creation of modern Greek jewellery. Our inspiration is
tradition and our concern is to satisfy modern needs.

Our vision is the spread of modern Greek jewellery, our goal is to ensure quality at the best prices and all this focused on the triptych

We welcome you to the world of modern Greek jewellery and wish you a pleasant browse.


Maria, George and Eleftheria Alevizou

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